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Chronicles Billing inc. has spent many years focusing and building physician practices and now is the time more than ever for Chronicles Billing School , to "focus on you!" The ones who will handle the "Business Side of Medicine"

Chronicles Billing Inc strives to partner with those who will continue to educate the population and provide training opportunities on the business side of medicine. Chronicles Billing Inc. feels that we are well equipped to help assist many unemployed Americans transition back into the workforce. Chronicles Billing Inc; has created a "One Stop Shop" model for our students to get trained, certified, and job ready all under the convenience of one roof. What makes this opportunity so unique? We also provide various channel partners to aid in job placement.

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) Local Chapter:
There are many benefits being partnered with the local chapter. Certified members represent the highest of industry standards and are recognized by physicians and clinical professionals across the country for their expertise in administering the business side of medicine. Members reap the benefits of the combined knowledge, experience, and power of the organization. Certified coders are being provided everything from coding help to securing employment.

Chronicles Billing works closely with select Staffing agencies. We have partnered with agencies to maintain and improve the quality of coding staff, and services provided in Medical facilities nationwide. One of our focal points is to concentrate on recruiting, training, and placing the best-possible employees as part of our commitment to Health Information Management service, and education.